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Three Stone



Classic engagement rings combine the best of traditional and vintage styles for an engagement ring that will look good on any hands. While pave, bezel and channel set diamonds are commonly found as accents in traditional diamond engagement rings, you can also find clean lines, simple silhouettes that give the center diamond the spotlight. A key difference between a solitaire ring and a classic ring is that the solitaire has no accent diamonds on the band or shank of the ring. Choose a ring from our classic collection and pair it with a certified natural or lab grown diamond. High quality craftsmanship and precision is guaranteed. Crafted in NYC by our expert gemologists and designers.


Contemporary ring styles combine the best of age-old ring crafting techniques with modern ring shapes and settings. If she’s looking for something modern, chic, or even unique, look within our Contemporary ring collection. Fusing elements of art deco, classic styles and crafting them in precious metals, our diamond engagement rings are always 3D rendered. They’re different enough from the traditional solitaire, to warrant a head-turn but still universally liked styles that are sure to match her tastes. Choose from platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold, and pair with 9 popular diamond shapes. Use our


Halo diamond engagement rings are made to showcase the beauty of the center diamond while adding a pop of sparkle and accentuating the size of the ring. Shapes that are most commonly seen in a halo ring are cushion, oval, and round. Within our collection, you will find halo styles for all 9 popular diamond shapes, including emerald and pear. Halo accent diamonds are usually set in a pave style and are accompanied by accent diamonds on the band. Looking for extra glamour? You can always opt for a double halo engagement ring. For a more subtle halo look, try the hidden halo diamond engagement ring. Work with our expert gemologists to find the halo ring style that matches your diamond. All styles are available in natural or lab-grown diamonds.

Three Stone

Three-stone diamond engagement rings are made to represent the beauty of the past, present and future. The most common shapes used for three stone rings are rounds and ovals whether they are in natural or lab diamonds. For extra sparkle try a halo three stone ring that surrounds the three main diamonds with accent diamonds. Our collection of three stone engagement ring settings has all the popular diamonds shaped within it. This ring style is a great way to commemorate and anniversary. We ensure that the side diamonds within all our three stone rings match the center diamond perfectly.


Solitaire rings are the classic and most common ring style used in proposals. Solitaire engagement rings in the With Clarity collection are crafted with gold or platinum. Solitaire rings commonly have 4 or 6 prongs that hold the center diamond. Apart from the most popular round shape, solitaire rings also have cushion, princess, oval, emerald or pear centers. While many choose for the benchmark of 1 carat for a diamond ring, solitaire of all sizes look beautiful. With Clarity solitaire rings are crafted to have sleek metal and secure heads that maximize your attention on the center diamond. Subtle variations on the head, shape, and height of the center diamond can be ways to set her ring apart.

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Preset ring collection






The With Clarity Lumina collection is a sleek and modern ready-to-wear ring collection that focuses attention on the center diamond. Expertly crafted with stunning metal details, the rings are made in-house in NYC. The Lumina collection has a combination of classic and solitaire inspired styles that speak to the modern woman with a nod to tradition. Made to stand out, these are not rings that you would find with any other retailer. Lumina rings are affordable and can be delivered within 7 days.


Aura rings all encapsulate the halo-style engagement ring. Popular shapes like princess, round, oval, and cushion are enhanced with perfectly matched accent diamonds. Aura rings also have finely crafted metal available in various shades of gold. They can be paired with lab-grown or natural diamonds. Aura rings always come with an IGI certificate card. Choose this style to maximize sparkle and choose a ring that will stand the test of time as a true classic.


With Clarity Flora rings are made as an homage to the beautiful qualities that one can see within nature. Whether it’s floral motifs, leaves, vines, or even raindrops, Flora rings expertly combine these natural elements to create stunning ring settings. Available in white rose and yellow gold, these rings can be crafted with lab-grown or natural diamonds. High quality is ensured with an IGI certificate card and personal vetting by our in-house gemologists and designers.


Adorn rings are made to wow her. Ornate metalwork that is inspired by Edwardian, Victorian, and art deco styles is combined with immaculate diamonds. These rings have design elements woven into every angle for a unique style that won’t be found anywhere else. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold, these rings can be crafted with lab-created or natural diamonds.


We make every ring to order in our NYC offices. Each diamond ring is hand-inspected and crafted by our in-house designers and gemologists.


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All With Clarity diamonds are GIA certified and vetted in-house by our gemologists. Choose from thousands of diamonds and select using the HD video and images available on our site. Filter by cut, color, clarity, and beyond. Natural earth-mined diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. With Clarity goes a step further to vet diamond cutters to ensure that all our diamonds are ethically sourced. Work with our gemologists to narrow your options.


All With Clarity diamonds are GIA certified and vetted in-house by our gemologists. Choose from thousands of diamonds and select using the HD video and images available on our site. Filter by cut, color, clarity, and beyond. Natural earth-mined diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. With Clarity goes a step further to vet diamond cutters to ensure that all our diamonds are ethically sourced. Work with our gemologists to narrow your options.

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5 star Google reviews

Such a great company to work with! The at-home previews were gorgeous and could pass as the real deal because the ring I purchased looked exactly like the preview ring. The phone and e-mail responses by customer service were so fast, polite, and helpful. I spent a day emailing them back and forth because I messed up my shipping address, and my MAX wait time for a reply was about an hour. I’m so excited to be able to give my girlfriend the ring she’s referred to as “my ring” since she saw the preview!

Kelsey Buchmann

Really great service, and helpful in finding my fiancée's engagement ring and love the matching wedding band. Would highly recommend.

Sebastian Ivory

I just recieved my Lab diamond from With Clarity...I got it shipped to looks fantastic! They have great customer service as well as I ordered the wrong setting and I called the next day and it was taken care of no problem...I highly recommend prices as well for better quality! Even with the duties and taxes I had to pay on top of the purchase price! Will be letting my friends know about them!

Jonathan McKeown

Where to begin. Okay so we purchased a 3ct diamond ring at With Clarity. The team is 5 stars! The entire process almost felt too easy -- they were patient, super helpful, intelligent and went above and beyond. The diamond: We were spending a reasonable amount for the size of diamond so it was crucial the experience was transparent with as much help as we needed provided. I worked with Alex and Claudia and really learned a lot speaking to them both. If you're hesitant about a diamond or unsure, ask them and they will tell you their honest assessment- just because a diamond is in your budget, doesn't mean it's the best fit for you- so having people who know diamonds from this company advising really helped. The ring: I loved a halo style on their site- but of course the diamond I ended up selecting was a bit larger, so I wanted something that accomodated for that. The halo ring was rendered and shown to me with the specific dimensions I wanted- and the accent diamonds and everything were adjusted for me. I never expected to find such a high level of service from an online store. There were no local store here in Texas that even offered me anything close to this level of service. I'm beyond thrilled and would recommend these folks to anyone in a heartbeat.

Taylor Stevenson

My (now) fiance loved the ring! It was really easy to find diamonds and settings, and they display exactly what it will look like, so well. Highly recommend!

Jonny Gordon

With Clarity was a great place to find an engagement ring. I thought shopping online would be difficult but it came out greater than expected and my fiancé loved it. Will shop with them again.

Baron Pilot

"OH MY GOD!!!" That's what I have decided to name the ring I purchased through With Clarity. Whenever my fiance shows off her ring, which she loves to show off, she doesn't get an "Oh, pretty" or "How cute." Instead there is a loud gasp followed by "Oh My God!" In fact, when I was proposing, she didn't just say, "Yes." She screamed, "HOLY ****! Is that real?!" followed by a "YES!!!" And that my friends, is response you want to get from an engagement ring. I ring shopped for over a year. I looked at thousands of diamonds, bands, visited jewelers, websites, ect. I compared them all and I found the best band (platinum with diamonds) and best diamond (3+ carat) at the best price through With Clarity. They delivered exactly what they promised and exactly what I was looking for. A ring with a HUGE gorgeous diamond that sparkles so bright you can see across the room. I love that my fiance loves this ring. And With Clarity made it easy, they answered all of my questions, and they provide fantastic customer service. So if you're ring shopping, With Clarity is the one to go with. Honestly, they cannot be beat.

Mat Korade

Absolutely beautiful ring and even better than I expected. I was extremely nervous buying a ring sight-unseen and looked for months and months for the right one. I somehow landed on With Clarity and custom built my ring. They had it ready in exactly the time frame they mentioned, and how no issues whatsoever during the whole process. Would highly recommend--not to mention the fiancé is in LOVE with it.

Bradley Brunson

Great product and even better service!

Sean Kennedy

Ring came, was beautiful and was at a great price, I recommend to all my friends

Bobby Wiles

I had purchased an enhancement to my wedding ring and I love it. Easy to do business with and very helpful.

kimberly buettner

I had the best experience with With Clarity. I was nervous about ordering a ring completely online, but it was absolutely gorgeous when I received it and looked even better than I could amazing.

Sarah K

With Clarity made my shopping experience so great and they went out of their way to exchange the diamond I originally had set in the ring to one that I liked. They were extremely efficient and prompt with all their communications and actions. Very satisfied customer! Can highly recommend it to anyone!

Erené Spies
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How do I clean a diamond ring?

Clean your ring every 1 to 2 weeks at home to ensure maximum sparkle. Use a diamond cleaner and dip and rinse your ring, letting it air dry. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, use warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean inside and around your ring. Ensure you’re not using any abrasive cleaners or soaps that can tarnish the metal or polish on your ring. Once clean, wipe with a soft cloth and air dry. Once a year, have your jewelry steam and ultrasonic clean your ring.

What is a lab diamond?

A lab diamond is one that is grown within a laboratory environment and contains the same chemical, physical and visual properties as earth mined, a natural diamond that forms within the earth. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds and differ only in the way they are formed. Visually, one would be unable to see the difference between a natural and lab-grown diamond.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

The old rule of thumb was 3 months salary. However, that generalization no longer applies. Nowadays, we would recommend thinking about what you want to purchase, see if that’s within the budget, and then work from there to adjust what you would like to purchase. Remember, the ring purchase should not be stressful, and oftentimes it can also be a joint financial decision. The average engagement ring purchased is usually in the range of $5,000-$6,000

Where to buy an engagement ring?

You can buy an engagement ring or a diamond online or in stores. While many choose to work with stores for the ability to see and experience jewelry before they buy it, others like the convenience, affordability, and vast selection that online shopping offers. Either way, do your research and purchase where you feel most comfortable. Ensure that the jeweler you purchase with has a lifetime warranty, and return policy and can speak intelligently about diamond certification.

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